All The Bookish Love Review Policy

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and checking out my review policy. For those that don’t know, I am based in Johannesburg, South-Africa.

Please keep the following things in mind before submitting a review request:

1. I love all genre’s but for review requests I do not take the following:

Books that are heavy-handed with religion and where religion or religious aspects is the main focus of the book.

Self-Help books.

I do accept non-fiction books as long as they do not fall within the above mentioned categories.

2. DNF or Did Not Finish books.

If by chance I accept a review request and after an amount of time am unable to finish the book, I will contact you and ask to forward the book on to someone else. I will however, do a short post on the book to spotlight it. I always try to give a date by which I will have a review ready, but more often than not, my schedule gets crammed full of real-life activities and I have to get back to reality. Should it be that I have already given a date and I do fall behind on my schedule, I will contact you with an alternate date. If I do accept a review request, but do not specify a date, it means my schedule is full, but I am extremely interested in reading and reviewing the book.

3. Promo’s and blog tours.

I love promoting authors and their books through blog tours or promotion posts and my schedule permitting, I’ll jump at the chance.

4. Accepted formats.

I do prefer print books and very happily jump at the chance to review. Print books do get first priority, but since a ton of the books that I review are either digital-only or digital-first, I also accept pdf, epub and Amazon Kindle digital books.

5. Review Rating and Style

I love books, and I love wine, which is why I base my ratings on glasses of wine.

1 Glass of wine: I really, really didn’t like it. I definitely won’t recommend it.

2 Glasses of wine: I powered through it, but it was bad and it’s not for me. I might recommend this book to someone.

3 Glasses of Wine: I liked it, but not as much as I would’ve. I will recommend to someone who will be a better fit. (Note: My 3 glass of wine rating, usually means that the book has a lot of potential.)

4 Glasses of Wine: I enjoyed this book immensely and will most definitely be recommending it in future.

5 Glasses of Wine: Fantastic! Loved It! It had everything! I will probably be raving about it and bullying people into buying it until I feel we are close to world domination.

My review style is very casual. I will go on and on about the emotions I felt whilst reading it. I will talk about my life in comparison with the book. When I read a book, it becomes a part of me and I get very intimate. I tend to scream and shout, laugh out loud and giggle, or in most cases, end up crying my eyes out. All of that I try to convey into words and onto the screen, for readers and authors alike to see.



I’m also offering basic editing services, (line edits, and basic developmental editing). For more information please contact me through email

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