Greta and The Goblin King ***Review***


While trying to save her brother from a witch’s fire four years ago, Greta was thrown in herself, falling through a portal to Mylena, a dangerous world where humans are the enemy and every ogre, ghoul, and goblin has a dark side that comes out with the eclipse.

To survive, Greta has hidden her humanity and taken the job of bounty hunter—and she’s good at what she does. So good, she’s caught the attention of Mylena’s young goblin king, the darkly enticing Isaac, who invades her dreams and undermines her will to escape.

But Greta’s not the only one looking to get out of Mylena. An ancient evil knows she’s the key to opening the portal, and with the next eclipse mere days away, every bloodthirsty creature in the realm is after her—including Isaac. If Greta fails, she and the lost boys of Mylena will die. If she succeeds, no world will be safe from what follows her back…

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My Review

Rating: 3 glasses of wine!

This novel is a good start to a new trilogy, although I do have a couple of issues with it.

The story was a bit too fast-paced and I often found myself backtracking a few pages to see if I maybe missed something. I would have liked more backstory, instead of just vague references. For instance, Greta and Isaac’s first meeting. I think if the meeting was actually written into the book as part of the story, instead of just off-handedly mentioned a few times, that their romance would make more sense to me as a reader. She said his name and suddenly he is able to get into her head? Why exactly is this?

Also why exactly did Isaac change into such a diplomatic ass when he took over the role of Goblin King? He could’ve been his friendly self with Greta at least.

Now to get to Greta, I really didn’t get her some of the time. She’s supposed to be this strong female bounty hunter, but she has such massive mood swings that I began to think she was a twelve-year old heroine, instead of a seventeen-year old kick-ass bounty hunter. She hates Isaac one minute, and then she likes him within a split second, and then all of a sudden she likes him again.

Then she meets up with this bunch of human Lost Boys in the woods and all of a sudden she’s attracted to the leader of the pack. And now, another thing that really bothered me, if a seventeen-year old human girl just happens to stumble upon a group of human boys, with two or three of them smack in the middle of puberty, who haven’t seen a human girl in year, shouldn’t she at least be a little bit wary? Does she automatically trust the group of boys because they are human?

Also, what of Luke? Why would he provide shelter for a human, and teach her everything he had, if the whole planet thought humans were the reason for Mylena’s curse?

But except for all of that, I really did enjoy this book. It had some promising moments, and I always like reading about girls who can work a sword or a dagger, or well any kind of weapon.

It seems to be a good start to a trilogy that might just surprise us all.

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