Going Home Again by Carol Cassada **Review**

Hi Bookishlovers! Do you guys find it easy going back home over the holidays? I’ve personally never found it all that easy. I recently read Going Home Again by Carol Casssada and it’s all about going home again.


Rachel Mitchell thought she had it all, a career as a fashion photographer, an apartment in New York City and a lawyer boyfriend. When her mother dies, Rachel goes home to be with her younger sisters and grandmother. The solemn event brings her back into contact with old boyfriend Cole. On her return to the big city, Rachel begins to question her life, and what can really make her happy. Will she find that true love and happiness can only be found when one is Going Home Again?

My Review

Rating: 3 Glasses of Wine

This was an easy and very light read. I expected some sort of emotional turmoil to come up in the book, based on the title and the blurb, but it was just a basic clean romance novel. Parts of the story really made no sense to me and I found the writing to be repetitive at times, especially at the end of each chapter or revelation that the character had.

The familial aspect of the novel was what attracted me in the first place. I adored the relationship between Rachel and her sisters. There was no strain or tension between them and they seemed to grow closer with the passing of their mother. Rachel came across as a very strong character and I’m basing this on the way she handled her mother’s death and putting on a brave face for her family, but there were times were she really irritated me.

The little love triangle aspect didn’t do much for the story and anyone who reads about Rachel’s boyfriend Jeremy would know he is a complete ass and I couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t see it. Luckily there’s not much to read about him and that pleased me immensely.

I have to say that this book really isn’t something that I would reread, but it has a certain something that makes you want to finish the story. If all you want is a bit of light reading, then this book is the one you should reach for.

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