**Spotlight** Divided Within by John Guillen

DividedHi Bookishlovers, i have another treat for you all. I’ve been reading this book for the [ast few days, and it’s turning into quite the read. I’ve been a bit busy today, (as I’m sure you all have noticed) but here’s a little info about the book, and I’ll have a review for you shortly.


Front Cover1

Divided Within

John Guillen, author

Genre: Mystery, Suspense

Publication Date: October 29, 2013




Houston area private eye Andrew Banks is hired by sixteen-year-old Mercedes Vega to figure out what’s dividing her parents. As soon as he meets the rest of the Vega family he realizes that the situation is only one step away from becoming dire. He puts the safety of the family over everything else until the case hits much too close to home. It becomes a race against a wealthy restaurant owner that ultimately becomes deadly.





John Guillen has had a love of books for as long as he can remember. As a grade school student he would browse the tables of the semi-annual book fairs at his school and convince his parents to buy as many books as he could. This passion would reemerge years later as a high school teen. He’d read books by the best crime authors of the day long before completing the required school work.


John knew early on in college that he wanted to become a writer and immediately began work on his debut novel, Divided Within, less than two weeks after graduating from the University of Houston Downtown in May 2013.


When he’s not writing or reading a new novel, he enjoys listening to country music and staying up to date on current news stories.




Website: authorjohnguillen.com

Blog: johnguillen.wordpress.com

Twitter: @JohnGbooks

Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/Divided-Within-Andrew-Banks-Volume/dp/1492747580


That’s it for me tonight BookishLovers!



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