I found it! My Book Of The Month! Cinderella Screwed Me Over by Cindi Madsen.*GIVEAWAY*

So, each month I will be doing a feature post for a book that I found extremely special and loved to bits. This will be my book of the month. I’ll be trying to get in touch with the author, ask them a few questions (which I will, naturally, share with my readers). I’ll be posting my review of the book and then, because the book managed to creep into my heart and stay with me, I’ll be having an awesome giveaway to celebrate.

Now, October’s book is written by the awesome and amazingly talented Cindi Madsen. Cinderella Screwed Me Over is the perfect read. In fact, I’m even going so far as to say it should definitely be featuring at your next Girls Night Out (or In). It has all the goodness of chocolate wrapped into it without the calories. It can’t get any better than that!

Don’t You Just love That Cover

Darby Quinn has a bone to pick with Cinderella. Burned one too many times by ex-boyfriends, Darby has lost all belief in the happily-ever-after that the fairy-tale princess promised her. She’s sworn off love, Prince Charmings, and happy endings and she’s happy about it. Really. Or at least she was…until she met Jake, her gorgeous neighbor and the manager of her favorite restaurant. But Darby has rules about dating, ones she’s culled from her years spent with so-called “princes,” and starting something with Jake would break all of them.

Charming, fun, and unwilling to give up on her, Jake doesn’t fit any of the profiles Darby has created from her case studies of ex-princes-gone-bad. Finally presented with her own Prince Charming, can Darby take a chance on a happily-ever-after?

Full of wit and sarcastic humor, Cinderella Screwed Me Over proves that sometimes the perfect love, like a perfect pair of shoes, is just within your grasp.

Now here’s the best part…

I am giving this a 5 wine glass rating! (I mean, a million)

Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

“If you rewatch Cinderella now, you’ll realize there are some similarities between Prince Charming and the guys you’ve dated. Cute, charismatic and kind of lazy. After all, what did the prince in Cinderella really do? He danced with Cinderella, thought she was pretty and picked up her shoe.”

I’ll admit it, I didn’t even know what this book was about when I signed up for an ARC. I didn’t read the blurb, because I was already sold. What sold me was the title. Never have I ever been as attracted to a title like I was to this one: Cinderella Screwed Me Over. I was sold on it because it’s the truth. Cinderella really did screw us over. In fact Disney did quite a number on all of us, and this is what Cindi Madsen expresses throughout this book.

I fell in love with this book by the end of the first paragraph. I was laughing so hard by the end of the third paragraph, that my drink was coming out of nose. And that was when I knew. I found it. The book I have been waiting for, the book that would help me take a load off, the book that I would force all my friends and family to buy, the book that will be wrapped up as gifts this holiday for so many women I know. And I couldn’t wait to spread the word.

“It was on my twenty-sixth birthday that it finally hit me. Love is bullshit. There was no happily ever after.”

Cindi Madsen takes a romance novel and she makes it funny. No, that’s not right, she makes it HILARIOUS. Although the romance element is predominant in Cinderella Screwed Me Over, she also focuses on the heroine’s personal journey. Darby Quinn is a cynic. She doesn’t believe in Love, Happily Ever Afters or Soul Mates. She’d love to give Disney a huge kick up the butt, for giving little girls unrealistic expectations regarding love and men. So she’s sworn off relationships. And she’s happy, thank you very much. That is, until she meets Jake. Who is everything you think Prince Charming would be, all rolled up into one perfectly sculpted, gorgeous specimen of a man.

“A pair of great heels was much more satisfying than a man. They lasted longer, and better yet, they didn’t leave me for someone prettier.”

Now, believe me, I would’ve caved easily, had I been at the receiving end of Jake’s affections, but I gotta hand it to Darby. Boy did she stay true to her beliefs, so true in fact that at one point I was ready to climb into the story and give her a couple of shakes. Then again, who would blame her? After all the crap men have put her through, it’s no wonder she’s so pessimistic about giving love a chance. To tell you the truth, I was just waiting for Jake to give up on Darby and high-tail it out of the story. But he wasn’t written that way, he wasn’t created that way. He stuck in there even when the most love-struck guys would’ve bolted.

At one point, I was laughing and crying at the same time. I gave quite a few audible “aww’s” and even gasped in frustration. I got angry at Darby, for misreading a situation, I got angry at Jake for allowing her to misread it. Then there’s the scene where Darby finally figured it all out and you just know, this is the book you didn’t even know you needed to read.

I applaud you, Cindi Madsen.

Now, i have a little treat for you all. I gave the brilliantly talented Cindi Madsen a couple of questions, and she answered all of them. Huge hugs and thanks go towards her.

How did you start writing? Have you always wanted to write, or did you stumble upon it by accident?

I’ve always been a big reader, and I always had stories in my head. I’d fall asleep with a story running through my head, then take it up again the next night. Or I’d see something & think “What if…?” and spin a whole story off it. I don’t know why it took me so long to get one down on paper, but once I did, I knew it was what I wanted to do, even when people told me how unlikely it was to get published. 
Darby is so cynical about fairy tales and love. What’s your take on it?
Of all my characters, I’m probably most like Darby. I hold back, I’m sarcastic, and I have an inappropriate sense of humor (ask my mom, she’ll agree. Lol) I also say what I feel, especially when people ask my opinion. So I liked the idea–and challenge–of having a more cynical girl fall in love. The whole idea of this came when I was talking with a friend about how much harder relationships were than I thought, and I said, “Yeah, Cinderella really screwed us over.” I knew right then I’d write a book about everything fairy tales taught us wrong. My mom is like the ultimate fairy tale person, so she wasn’t so happy about me making the princes so-called bad guys, but she liked what I did with it in the end. I think the best thing about love is that it’s not about finding someone perfect (Fairy tales forgot to mention that, btw). It’s about finding someone who accepts your faults, and you do the same for theirs, and then you work like crazy because they’re worth it. Because they are the perfect person FOR you.  
I adored Darby’s first meeting with Jake. Would you say that the shoe scene already indicates that Darby would change her mind about fairy tales?
Yay, that makes me so happy! The trick was to write an anti-fairy tale story that had hints of Cinderella, which I was poking fun at, in it, and pull off a love story. I think it’s the way Darby needed to meet Jake to plant that seed that maybe, just maybe some fairy tale events happen, whether you expect them or fight against them or not. 
Jake is smoking hot and just everything wonderful. Where did you get the inspiration to create such an amazing specimen of a man?
When I work on characters, I do a lot of what will drive the love interests crazy & make it seem like it’ll never work, & what makes them the perfect person for each other. So he needed to be the things Darby isn’t–patient & hopeful, for example. But also have some of the characters in common–love of their family, hard-working, good sense of humor. Most people get offended at her humor, but he laughs & joins in. He’s a challenge for Darby to keep up with, and she likes that, even though it scares her. And honestly, I totally stole a few moves from my husband from back when we were dating. (He’d be so embarrassed I said that. Hehe) 
 Do you believe in Happily Ever After?
I absolutely do! I just believe that it takes A LOT more work than the movies have us believe. Once I heard Pink’s song, The Truth About Love, I couldn’t believe how much it fit Cinderella Screwed Me Over. She gets it right & the song makes me laugh. 
And lastly on a scale of 1 to million, how much fun did you have writing this book?

1 million and 7! Lol. This is the fastest book I’ve ever written because it just came to me. I could hardly type enough to keep up with the ideas, and I laughed at myself a lot. Which made me feel like a dork, but it was too fun to care 🙂

About Cindi Madsen:

Cindi Madsen sits at her computer every chance she gets, plotting revising, and falling in love with her characters. Sometimes it makes her a crazy person. Without it, she’d be even crazier. She has way too many shoes, but can always find a reason to buy a new pretty pair, especially if they’re sparkly, colorful, or super tall. She loves music, dancing, and wishes summer lasted all year long. She lives in Colorado (where summer is most definitely NOT all year long) with her husband and three children. She is the YA author of DEMONS OF THE SUN & ALL THE BROKEN PIECES, and the adult author of FALLING FOR HER FIANCE, ACT LIKE YOU LOVE ME and CINDERELLA SCREWED ME OVER.

You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads, as well as through her Website.

I know all of you are just itching to buy this book, and you can do it with a simple click on any of the following:
Barnes and Noble

And for all my fellow South-Africans, you can get it right here at Kalahari.com.

It’s not over yet! To celebrate this magnificent book I am giving away 1 ebook (kindle only) for my international readers. And for my South-Africans I have a paperback copy that could be all yours!Simply post a comment telling me in what country you are, who you’re favourite Disney prince is and why, and which hunky celeb you think fits the bill and why. It’s as simple as that. Have fun!

17 thoughts on “I found it! My Book Of The Month! Cinderella Screwed Me Over by Cindi Madsen.*GIVEAWAY*

  1. I’m from the Philippines and I’m not really a fan of Disney princes so I’m not sure if this post will be counted as an entry. Haha! But I would really love to read the book. 🙂

  2. LOL! I’m a HUGE Disney fan… We are at the parks in Orlando at least once or twice a week… sometimes more. I think Chris Hemsworth would play an awesome Beast! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Hey,
    Though I am a sucker for Disney princes,I loved reading about your post about Cinderella Screwed Me Over by Cindi Madsen.I am from India and my favourite Disney prince is the Beast from Beauty and the Beast because I loved the movie and the way Beauty fell in love with Beast’s inner beauty(ya I know that sounds cheesy..:P).I don’t think any celebrity quite fits the bill because I just get a picture of the animated character whenever i close my eyes….:)

  4. I am from athens,greece.what a great review and interview!I cannot wait to read this book.I don’t know about prince but well my favorite princess is rapunzel from the latest disney movie because the hit with the pan in the head’s hero was really funny. sometimes men need a hit 😉 just kidding. my favorite prince is prince charming because the man carries a shoe to give it to his love,what else a girl can ask? I envision tatum channing, because this man is yummy. thanks for the giveaway

  5. I’m in Australia. My girls and I love watching Disney movies with their princes and their happily-ever-afters, but for some reason my daughters have a strong aversion to Prince Derek in The Swan Princess. They love to watch the movie but the scathing remarks directed at Derek are just too funny. Sorry Disney, but poor Derek is an epic fail as a hero in this house!

  6. I love this review!! xx

    Beast will always be my favorite prince, shows that even if you are big and strong you can still be soft and gentle. I don’t know of any famous person that would fit the bill for Beast.
    I still watch Disney Happily-Ever-Afters and I don’t think I will ever stop.

    Love From South Africa!!

  7. HII  I’m from South-Africa and my favourite Disney prince is the prince from Snow White because he is silent and mysterious and who doesn’t like that. And then for the hunky celeb that I think fits the bill is………… wait for it……. *Ian Somerhalder* just because I love looking at him.

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