Review: The Billionaire’s Matchmaker: An Indulgence Anthology by Various Authors


Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Of all the ARC’s I received this month, I chose this one first. I was in need of a light read and thought this would do the job. I’m not a big fan of anthologies, but this one sparked an interest. It follows the lives of four girlfriends, and surprisingly, you don’t even notice the differences in authors. But it just didn’t do all that much for me. Surprisingly the only stand-out character was the dog.

Gabby Wilson is an artist with a bit of troublemaker past. She changed her ways as people do, only to get a blast from the past when she bumps into T.J Wilson, her lab partner and friend from high-school. He still harbours a huge crush on her, so much so that he never got over her in all the years since he last saw her. He proceeds to lie to her (what an ass) in attempt to win her heart. As you can guess, things don’t go so well, but in the end all works out as it should.

Marney Fields has just been through a messy divorce and attempts to try casual, no-strings attached sex for the first time. She’s a woman, she has needs. Enter the sexy town sheriff, Dell O’Neil kept coming across as an arrogant man. He harbours a secret that he doesn’t want the town to know and Marney unwillingly stumbled onto it. Sneaking around so no-one knows about their illicit affair, is a huge feature of this story.

Mia Andale has commitment issues, a shady history and trust issues. So when her very hot boyfriend, Gideon Roth had said he loved her, she obviously dumped him. Now Gideon is about to sell his veterinarian practice, and his house and high-tail it down to California for the job of a lifetime. Something which Mia is not happy about but also not willing to admit.

Jenny Travolini is a school teacher, hell-bent on getting some sort of recompense from the reclusive billionaire Nicholas Bonaparte, who’s dog impregnated hers. He is hell bent on pursuing her but seems a bit like The Beast from Beauty and the Beast. This was in fact, the best story of this anthology, it had what the others were lacking.

But as I said, anthologies really aren’t my thing. I didn’t hate this book, but I also didn’t have that can’t-put-it-down moment.

What's your thoughts?

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