Review: Tempting The Cowboy by Elizabeth Otto


Disclaimer: I received this book from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinion expressed are my own.

Oh boy! Who doesn’t

love a cowboy? Just ask any female what profession her ultimate fantasy boy should and it would be one of the following: Fire-fighter, cop, military man… Basically anything that can protect her and still look good doing it. A hot looking cowboy with that sexy cowboy drawl? Well I’ll be damned if any hot-blooded female denied some kind if attraction to that fantasy. And that fantasy is what jumps off the pages in Tempting The Cowboy.

Cole Haywood is exactly what you would expect a cowboy to be: Rugged, very manly, sexy but with that sweet soft centre in the middle. He loves his daughter fiercely and would do anything to protect her, no matter the cost. And he’s a cowboy? Pure perfection.

Tempting The Cowboy also features a kick-ass, headstrong and stubborn woman, who happens to be an ex-cop. If that doesn’t shout female empowerment, I don’t know what does. After some bad experiences back home, Rylan Fredrickson decides a change would do her good. She takes a job as a housekeeper at a ranch, and oh boy the change does her a lot of good.

Both characters have a heart breaking past and are reluctant to get their hopes up, which takes the reader on an achingly journey. This book has ALL the feels you could hope for. It’s one of the books that makes the Indulgence line from Entangled Publishing live up to its name, because it IS pure Indulgence.

I’m looking forward to reading about Cole’s two brothers, and hoping they live up to the expectations I have in my head for them.

And to Elizabeth Otto all I can say is WOW! Keep them Cowboys coming!

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