Review: Outback Affair: An Affair Novel by Annie Seaton


Jessica Trent is stuck in a job she hates; doing something she didn’t want to do with her journalism degree. Working at Cuisine magazine would be her dream come true, if only she could bag an interview with the elusive Alessandro Ricardo. Stuck in the Outback of Australia, she has to rely on a sexy, rugged fisherman to get her to her destination in one piece.  Enter Alex Richards.

This book was perfect. The chemistry that flowed between Miss America and the Outback Hero was so intense. I was hooked from the first page and couldn’t wait to get to the end.  From the way Alex tried everything in his power to keep her from finding out the truth about him, to the way she kept on trying to do her job, to the fantastic love scenes this book just flowed. In fact at one point I forgot I was reading and just had a movie playing in my head.

The two characters are such complete opposites, that it’s actually a huge surprise that they have so much chemistry. Jessica comes across as a bit of a snob, she really wants a manicure and she’s horrified by the idea of camping out in the Outback. Alex on the other hand is ready and prepared, it is quite clearly depicted by his “boy scout glove department.” From bug spray to condoms, you name it and he has it in there.

What really cracked me up was His Hotness himself up in tree in only his underwear.

”Oh my God! The water splashed as she slapped her hands on top of it. “I so wish I had my camera. I could write the best article about the Aussie outback and its heroes…in their underwear. Alex looked down at his Calvin Kleins. “You won’t find it so funny if the boar decides to settle his family in here for the night.”

All in all, this was a fantastic book, and it definitely prompted me to get more of Ms Seaton’s books.


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